Interview with Two Lasses in London

We had an interview with Two Lasses in London. Check them out!

Tell us a bit about you as a company and this show?

Hooked Theatre was co-founded by us (Brooke Jones and Holly Kellingray) nearly 2 years ago now. We are two Arts University Bournemouth graduates who both have passion for making new and exciting theatre. We devised our first show together last year, HUMAN, and performed in at Camden Fringe. Since then, we have been writing Little Fools together. It’s taken a mammoth load of research and development to reach the point it has. Little Fools is inspired by True Events and it was important to us to reflect these true events in the right way, being sensitive to all those involved in cases similar to those appearing in Little Fools.

Our inspiration for this play came from Rachel Carling Jenkins, an Australian MP, whose life was turned upside by her husband who was convicted of child abuse and child pornography. There are many people in positions of power in this country and others who are thought to be involved in such disgusting acts of crime and violation. Why are these cases overlooked? And, what happens to the families of people who are convicted or accused of such acts? That’s where Little Fools stemmed from. It follows two sisters, April and Harri, whose lives are tainted by the actions of their father. The forgotten victims of crime.

You’re using a mix of spoken word and naturalistic dialogue, what made you go for this mix?

This blend of styles was coined during our first show, HUMAN. In HUMAN we used a range of styles: Spoken Word, Naturalism and Comedy Sketches. We found that, for Little Fools, contrasting the style of Spoken Word & Rhyme against Naturalism allowed for us to connect with our audiences more when telling our stories. It gives the audience a chance to understand all of our characters on a deeper level, thus, helping the message behind Little Fools to clearly reach its potential.

What have you enjoyed the most about this project?

Working with like-minded people. The cast all trained at The Arts University Bournemouth. This means not only have we been trained in a similar way which makes rehearsals smooth and comfortable, we are all in a position where we know each other so well we are determined to push our peers to reveal their full potential.

What do you think people will like most about the show?

The balance between light and dark. As a company we are always determined to have fun whilst creating and also performing, and we hope this is reflected to our audiences. Although we are playful at heart, we are also very passionate in showing the reality of situations. Our stories are not fairytales, they can be gritty and truthful when they need to be.

The show uses real events- why was that important to you when creating the piece?

This was important to us because there are so many stories out there and many of them are overlooked. The reason we found Rachel Carling-Jenkins’ story so powerful is because it looks at obscure victims. Victims many people may not think about. Little Fools focuses on the family members of criminals, victims that are often mistaken for as accomplices. We wanted to give a voice to these people.

Are you hoping to develop the piece? If so, how?

Definitely. At Hooked, when we create pieces of theatre they are neverending projects. HUMAN, the show we performed last year, is still in our horizons. Although we now have a new project in Little Fools, we still have plans to take HUMAN perhaps round schools or develop it into a purely comic piece. With regards to Little Fools, we are hoping to take it to Edinburgh Fringe next year - after this preview we will develop and perfect it further and hopefully hit the ground running in Edinburgh next summer!

Favourite line from the play?

“Princess Pancake can’t have just up and left the place. Replaced herself with these? Gone without a trace.”

Three words to describe the play?

Snappy, Fun and Surprising.

Tell us a funny story from rehearsals?

Our funny story happened on Opening Night - as we were about to do our final dress runs. We all got to The Space, feeling giggly and excited because it was opening night; but that very quickly changed! To cut a long story short, mid-way through our dress run, as one of our actors sat on our lovely leather sofa (our ONLY set for the show) it completely collapsed! Then as we were in a flurry to fix the sofas legs, our photographer turned up. The boys were armed with drills, nails and super glue; but they were too late and we had to start our final dress run - with a lopsided sofa. Luckily we were able to solve the solution before our evening performance, but was a very hectic day!

Anything else people should know before coming to the show?

Yes! Rather logistical, but anyone planning on coming to the show - be sure to leave time for travel. To avoid being a dreaded latecomer, aim to arrive at Canary Wharf station for 7.30pm, which means you have time to either take the 20 minute stroll to The Space or can grab a bus that should take 5-10 minutes. Hopefully see some of you there!